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Terrorism Against Muslims In Burma by buthist in Palestine by Zionist, India , Kachmir by Indian Governemnt Chechenya by Russian government in Syria by Bashar army in Iran by iranian "Shiaa", in Afghanistan , Iraq by american forces , in Libanon by "naser allah" and his "shiaa forces", in Mali by frensh forces , Yemen , China , Philipine , Indonisia , Guntanamo ( Cuba ) , Abu Gharib ,Center Africa , Negiria ,Niger , Somali And Other Country ....
Muslims Killed Every Day By Zionist , bouthist Christians And Chiaa ..
But Why ?!

Coz Islam Is The True Religion ?
Why Islam Dont Attack Any Other Religion And All Other Religion Want Just To distroy Islam ?
Coz Islam Is The Religion Of Terrorism ( Thats What You Want To say )

staline killed more then 24 people in the name of Communism .
who started the first and second world war when 120 millions of people where dead on it ?
"Bush" destoryed iraq and afghanistan in the name of dimocracie ?
who dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima?
who killed 2 million of native aborigines in australia ?
who killed more then 100 millions of native red indians in north america and killed more than 50 millions
of native red indians in south america ?
who'took about 180 millions of africans people as slaves and killed and threw 77% of then atlantic ocien ? are those muslims ?
If i made a mistake blame me, not my religion. Islam is perfect but I'm not!
if someone you do an accident with your car i will not blame your car but you ...
so stop killing muslims every where ...
islam is the true religon ...
islam is the religion of peace ...

All Those Crime is Against Muslims You Can Google it

Muslims Of Palestine Muslims Of Burma Muslims Of Kashmir Muslims Of Chechenya Muslims Of Afghanistan Muslims Of Syria Muslims Of Iraq Muslims Of Nigeria Muslims Of Mali Muslims Of Center Africa Muslims Of Niger Muslims Of Soumali Muslims Of Philipine and indonisia Muslims In Guntanamo (CUBA) Muslims In Abu Gharib NEw York Danmark burn our holy quran and In your Country They Do like This with their childs In our Countrys They Do like This This Is The Weapons of mass destruction That You Come For To IRAQ ???

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